Underwater Technology


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Who We Are
SonarTech is a venture pioneer in the designing, manufacturing and repairing of equipment for underwater research, survey and electro-communications. From the foundation in 2000, SonarTech has poured all its energy and efforts into the development of maritime equipment and electronic communication.
What We Do
SonarTech has developed and supplied various underwater sonar equipment based on our core sonar technology such as Side Scan Sonar, Echo Sounder, BathyThermograph, and so forth. Furthermore, we are extending our area of expertise to applications of sonar and mobile communication technology as well as maritime leisure equipment.
Our Future
SonarTech is now concentrating on the work area in the application fields integrated acoustic system so as to perform multi purpose sonar system and all the members at SonarTech is always working to be the leader of the research and development in the areas of underwater acoustics, electronic communications and control measurements.